Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week one wiegh in!

So I weighed this morning! 9 pounds this week! week one down and who knows how many more? I am super stoked! Even when I got on my wii fit and the little person grew to epic At least it will start going down! So so excited! LOVE from Sandy's kitchen. The medifast page on there is a God send!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ok so this is my second day of my health plan. I decided to start a blog because, hey isn't that what one does when she wants to eat and can't? or they beat their head against the wall, but then I would have to patch that up, so blogging here I come. I almost didn't get to this point to be able to blog, not because I was scared to post things or ashamed. It was because I could not figure out what the words were on the word verification page. Who the hell comes up with those? It's like those 3d images you stare up at on the ceiling when you are getting a gynecological exam. You wait for a picture to pop out but the longer you stare the more of a headache you get. Yeah same thing, people! Someone needs to make the words a little more clear. I had to turn my head to the side to see it.
AND then I put in my blog name I wanted. It was taken. How can that be? Nobody ever uses my user id. So I checked it out. It's my blog I started 2 years ago. Yep..that is what happens when you have a 16 month old and a 4 year old. Your brain goes to mush. Just sayin'.
Anyway on with my post about my journey. I have decided to try the Take Shape for Life with Medifast approach. I decided this after hearing the wonderful success stories and also realizing I won't have to count calories! It is so much easier for me to eat something in front of me ready to go then have to deal with "How many calories does a bagel have? well what about if I shaved off all the onions and cut the half in half? Still no good? Well what if I spread cream cheese on it, slathered it on my body and threw the rest out? Still no good? Hell I give up, give me a cheeseburger."
So today is the day I weighed. Good gravy (mmmmmm...gravy) I weighed in at 317!! The biggest I ever have been. And I can't blame it on baby weight. I was 31 pounds lighter when my baby boy was born. I can, however, blame them for my big ass feet. Thanks kids! A size 10 wasn't enough for ya? Now you plopped my foot into an 11? Yeah, because there are so many cute shoes the size of BOATS! Thanks!
So today I had a good day. I ate my little packages of food and was satisfied. Day 2 not going so bad! Let's see what is in store for tomorrow! Good luck my fellow weight losing comrades! You can do it!!